DG7YBN / On Boom Correction Example

FH/ - and FR/DL1RPL's 432 MHz EME setup

2 x EF7017 by YU7EF, realisation: WiMo type ele. insulators & M3 screw, DG7YBN On-Boom-BC, 6 mm solid elem., 20x20 mm boom.

Peter got the first of this nice pair of Yagis from me and built the second one according these measures.
They do look like real factory made WiMo antennas but in fact are employing their plastic parts only.

(The 432 MHz 17 ele. model never made it to production status at WiMo... )

Link to YU7EF's website about this Yagi-Uda Design click

FH/ - and FR/DL1RPL 2015 EME DXpedition setup

Return Loss Plot with full BC = BC + SBC = 7.50 mm for 20x20 mm boom

Photos & Plot provided by Peter, DL1RPL ... tnx!

73, Hartmut, DG7YBN